Grady Newsource

A socially integrated, customizable, news-streaming media app created for Grady Newsoure. With categorically sorted videos and articles and the ability to personalize your push notifications, this intended to be a primary news source for users in Northeast Georgia.
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A laboratory for journalism at UGA's Grady College.

We're about Teaching and Learning.

Grady Newsource is an on-air and digital publication by journalism students at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The content is produced by students in capstone courses at Grady. Our teaching philosophy promotes transparency and reflection to guide our students to understand journalism’s role in society.

We're about Innovation.

Grady Newsource serves as an experiential learning environment that promotes experimentation with multiplatform methods to craft ethical and innovative journalism.

We're about Service.

Grady Newsource’s purpose is to provide our students with the opportunity to learn their craft through reporting on the real issues and events that impact and inform the people in and around northeast Georgia.


Put app's three main features below.


With social integration, users will be able to share news articles and videos through their favorite platforms.


Each user will be able to individually subscribe to news categories and decide for which they want to recieve notifications.


Grady Newsource's live stream will be linked within the app so users can directly access the feed.


Below are the different assignments we have completed throughout the developemnt of the app. Click to check them out!


Meet the team that created the Grady Newsource App!

Leah Stratton

Project Manager

Bunmi Adeyemo

Software Engineer

Harrison Taylor

Media and Research Specialist

Julie Fields

Design and Content Lead

Long Nguyen

Media Specialist and Designer